Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Howards receive Friends of The Timber Award

John and Vince Howard of Adams County, Ohio received the first-ever Friends of The Timber Award from the preserve for their tireless dedication towards timber rattlesnake conservation. The brothers presented a riveting talk on the snake's biology and their efforts to document them on preserve lands to a large crowd at a Eulett Center After Hours program. The brothers duo have put countless hours of their personal time into trying to locate the state endangered snake species on preserve property with hopes of initiating more in depth research on their over wintering habits. They use boots on the ground to cover many rugged miles, as well as deploy innovative remote cameras to try to detect where these snakes may be calling home. Their dedication to snake conservation is exemplary and their enthusiasm for these regal snakes contagious. Both brothers received a specially created, hand pulled print of the timber rattlesnake by Xavier University Professor of Art faculty, Suzanne Michele Chouteau. Professor Chouteau's award-winning works include the recently created Buzzardroost Rock Mural in downtown West Union, Ohio. The preserve staff would like to thank her for her endless hours of dedication and inspiration on the preserve's behalf.
Vince Howard (left), Suzanne Michele Chouteau (center) and John Howard (right).