Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Welcome to The Edge of Appalachia Preserve System's brand new blog, Life on the Edge. Here you will find information about all kinds of interesting and unique things that are found right here in Adams County, Ohio. We'll report on new discoveries, fun finds, and programs and events that happen here at the Edge. 

To start things off, here is a picture of a really cool caterpillar. 

This is a white flannel moth, Norape ovina. It's very striking as a caterpillar but, don't touch this one! If you look closely, you can see tufts of stinging hairs. Not a pleasant feeling if you rubbed up against them! This guy will turn into a very handsome white moth. You can see images of the adult and caterpillar here. This link will open in a new window and take you to the BugGuide website. 

Fall is a great time to hunt for caterpillars. This white flannel moth was photographed just at the beginning of this month. Even with cooler temperatures arriving soon, there is still plenty of time to find some. Happy hunting!