Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring's Shining Star

One of the things we most anticipate here at the Edge each spring is the emergence of early wildflowers. Who can blame us? After months of grays, browns, maybe some white if it snows, a body needs to see the delicate colors of spring ephemerals. Standard favorites of course include things like hepatica, spring beauty, and the diminutive harbinger-of-spring. 

Hepatica, Hepatica  nobilis

Spring beauty, Claytonia virginica

Harbinger-of-spring, Erigenia bulbosa

However, there is a special wildflower that one could argue is the "star" of early spring. Goldenstar lily, Erythronium rostratum, is an endangered species here in Ohio. Blooming at about the same time as the more familiar white trout lily, this golden beauty is only found in two counties, Adams and Scioto.

Goldenstar lily, Erythronium rostratum

Goldenstar lily just beginning to open up.

These pictures are from here in Adams county from a remote spot on the preserve. This population was found by the Edge's own Rich McCarty a few years ago. For that exciting story, click here. This link will take you to Andy Gibson's excellent blog, The Buckeye Botanist.

Posted by: Robyn Wright-Strauss