Monday, December 7, 2015

Buzzardroost Rock Trail Addition Now Open

In the summer of 2014 the Buzzardroost Rock Trail was re-routed with a new trailhead and extended length leading hikers through different forest types and terrain than the trail before.  It, along with our other trails, was decorated with new signage and given a lot more attention than its predecessor.  Although the trail has been open for over a year, it was missing a proposed loop and other short areas of re-routing needed for a better hiking experience. 

Fork in the trail at Buzzardroost Loop
We are excited to say that the trail additions, loops and improvements have been made and the completed trail is now opened to the public. 
Yellow line is the new "loop" portion of Buzzardroost Rock Trail which is marked in red

The completion of this trail would not have happened so fast if it weren’t for the many volunteers that came out to lend a hand.  In particular, a big thanks has to go out to Keith Zook and his Edge Trailblazers.  This is a small group of dedicated trail experts that have been instrumental in making this trail and others what they are today.  In addition, Keith has organized numerous volunteer days with Proctor & Gamble staff.  With the help of these gracious folks (too many to name), we cut trail into 1 mile of hillside, constructed numerous bridges and carried logs that were WAY too big for humans to carry….uphill….through brambles of thorn…..over long distances.  And yet, to our surprise, the volunteers keep coming back.  We really can’t thank all of them enough.

Volunteers rake in a new portion of the Buzzardroost Rock Trail

If you find yourself looking for an incredible hiking trail with one of Ohio’s nicest views, then you might want to try the Buzzardroost Rock Trail on the Edge of Appalachia Preserve.  For more information about finding this 4.4 mile (roundtrip) trail, visit or search the visitor information at the top of this page.

Posted by: Mark Zloba