Public Programs

Spring 2017 Eulett Center After Hours Series

Join The Edge of Appalachia Preserve for free public talks about interesting things in Adams County. Don’t go right home after work. Grab a friend and come to the museum’s Eulett Center and enjoy an hour of something new and interesting.
For more information contact Preserve Director, Chris Bedel at 937-544-2880 ext 11 
or Or just show up the day of the event at Eulett Center
4274 Waggoner Riffle Road, West Union, Ohio 45693. No registration or calling in is necessary.

The Cats of Ohio

Cheryl Mollohan, Wildlife Biologist

Thursday, April 20, 5:15-6:15PM

We’ve all heard the stories of cougars and black panthers leaping across a dark, lonely road in Adams County. Can they be true? Cheryl Mollohan has 30 years of experience working with bobcats and other wildlife and is the perfect person to shed light on these fantastical stories. She’ll also share her work on the recent range expansion of bobcats after a 150 year absence, including work she’s done at den sites. Don’t miss this fascinating talk on Ohio’s cats.

The Magnificent Mushrooms of Ohio

Walt Sturgeon, Former President of the Ohio Mushroom Society and avid field mycologist and photographer

Thursday, April 27, 5:15-6:15PM

With over 2000 species of mushrooms known from Ohio the opportunity to learn and photograph mushrooms is boundless. Their variety of form, color, shape and beauty is astounding and will surprise and delight the unaware. Some are prized for their edibility while others are deadly poisonous. Knowing how to identify them is critical for those interested in foraging wild mushrooms. Walt Sturgeon is a celebrated mycologist and award winning photographer with over 40 years of experience.

A Celebration of Old-Time Music

Eli Bedel, Avid Old-Time Musician

Thursday, May 11, 5:15-6:15PM

Enjoy foot taping Old-Time Music with local musician and avid amateur musicologist Eli Bedel. Delve into the history of this music that blossomed in the hills and hollers of Appalachia yet continues to influence musicians today. Listen to signature songs of nearby regions as Eli interprets them on banjo, fiddle, dulcimer and guitar.